HR transformation

HR transformation
16 Março 2018    2326

At the end of the Mercer Asia HR Leaders’ Conference, we spoke to Michael Bokina, VP & Global Head of HR Organizational Effectiveness at Siemens, about the organization’s key principles in HR transformation.

In this video, Mr. Bokina shares the three key principles of HR Transformation at Siemens, namely Core, Professional and Agile. He shares his experience leading this transformation effort in a 350,000-people global conglomerate, driving efficiency and effectiveness in large-scale change management.

“Building organizational capability is at the heart of our culture. We have implemented in the last few years what we refer to as the “ownership culture,” wherein our business leaders run the businesses as if it were their own,” says Bokina. “HR’s responsibility within this cultural shift is to move away from the process of HR to more of a framework and provide guidance to the business. And this directly impacts the kind of direction and capability we need to have as HR.” 

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