Delivering the Workforce for the Future

Delivering the Workforce for the Future
30 Janeiro 2018    3403
Mercer and Oliver Wyman join forces to help organizations prepare their workforces for the digital era.

For executives, it is a top priority to plan for a digital workforce now. Organizations can avoid skills instability and prepare for the proficiency required tomorrow. Our combined, unique perspective on the Workforce For The Future provides a holistic and integrated view, enabling organizations of all sizes to transition to a technology-enhanced environment, while ensuring that their workforce thrives.

Delivering the Workforce For the Future
As companies transform their business models and strategies to realize the opportunities of the digital revolution, they are challenged with defining their workforce for the future. Three interrelated dimensions must be identified for the future workforce:

What skills are required?
What size of the workforce is needed?
What shape should it take?

"Rather than managing only the internal workforce, the best companies will establish and manage an extended talent ecosystem, comprising multiple talent pools and spanning multiple generations."  
Given the anticipated scarcity of skills and the need to make workforce management an integral part of business strategy, Mercer, the leading company in HR consulting, and Oliver Wyman, a premier management consulting company, have partnered to support business leaders and HR functions with an integrated approach.

Download the "Delivering the Workforce for the Future" report for our point of view relating to skills, size and shape, as well as an outline to guide business leaders as they progress from envisioning to delivering their future workforce.
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